Driver Training for Parents of New Drivers

Coaching New Drivers

Our courses help parents and guardians learn how to effectively coach new drivers so they can be prepared and confident when they start driving on their own. 

Mike Cares

Mike Pehl is a 30 year veteran crash investigator, driver training educator and most importantly, a parent.  An accident involving a high school friend changed Mike’s life forever and eventually lead him to his life’s passion of helping parents and new drivers avoid tragedies like the one involving his friend and the millions of novice drivers affected by collisions each year…

Engaging Parents & New Drivers


This driver training course makes it easy for a parent to teach and keeps the teen interested. Mike's stories and insights are practical and compelling.  My son even liked the course and the enrichment activities because "it was not boring".  As parents we liked that we were teaching him how to become a safer driver.
Colleen, Duluth

The Danger Zones

The Parent Care Program is a supplemental driver training program which targets the top causes of novice driver collisions as determined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  We call these Danger Zones and our program is designed to give parents and new drivers tools to help avoid being involved in a collision in the critical first years of solo driving due to one of these Danger Zones. 

The Centers for Disease Control list the following 8 Danger Zones as the top causes of novice driving collisions.

Driver Inexperience

Due to underdeveloped search skills, new drivers often detect hazards later than experienced drivers, increasing crash risk.

Driving with Teen Passengers

Two or more peer passengers more than triples the risk of a fatal crash with a teen at the wheel.

Drowsy Driving

The majority of fatigue-related crashes are caused by drivers under the age of 25.


Among crashes attributed to a critical teen driver error, 21 percent were due to speeding.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a factor in 14 percent of police reported crashes involving teen drivers.

Driving at Night

Only 14 percent of the miles driven by 16yr and 17yr old drivers occurred between 9pm and 6am, yet this time period accounted for 32 percent of fatal crashes.

Impaired Driving

27 percent of 16-20yr old passenger vehicle drivers fatally injured in a crash had a BAC higher than .08.

Seat Belts & Airbags

55 percent of young adults (age 13-20) that died in crashes in 2012 were not wearing a seat belt.

Build Your Driver Training Plan



Coaching from the Passenger Seat

A Pre-License Course for Parents

Coaching from the Passenger Seat is a pre-license course for parents or guardians who are supervising their new drivers during the learner’s permit phase. This online course includes 12 essential lessons to guide you as the parent of a new driver from the first discussion to lay the ground rules all the way to the day they go for their license.  This is a self-guided course and you can go through the course at your own pace to match your teen’s progress based on how many hours you can commit or how quickly your teen moves through the stages of driving development.



Danger Zone Training

A Post-License Course for New Drivers

Danger Zone Training is the first post-license online course to use revolutionary drip-learning techniques to help new drivers retain important defensive driving messages. Traditionally, once a teen receives their license there is no more formal training or instruction, only real-life on the road experience which as statistics show is one of the most dangerous times in a drivers career. Mike uses video, stories and dash cam footage to create short, engaging lessons that are sent to your new driver every two weeks.  



Roadside Assistance*

Comprehensive Roadside Protection

You can prepare your new driver for almost any situation with enough training and practice.  The one thing you may not be able to control is a vehicle breakdown.  The Parent Care team has partnered with one of the leading providers of roadside assistance to offer parents piece of mind should your new driver require help.  Along with your membership comes a number of valuable discounts from provider partners that will more than pay for the annual membership fees regardless if they need a tow or a tire change!

Choose Your Program

Coaching From the Passenger Seat​


  • Pre-license course best to start as early in the learner's stage as you can
  • 12 online video-based lessons, self guided and self paced
  • Can be accessed on computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Customized login and profile page

Danger Zone Training


  • Only online post-license course using drip-learning
  • New lesson released every two weeks for six months
  • Alternates between danger zone lesson and dash cam lesson
  • Can be accessed on computer, tablet or smartphone


Prepare, Prevent & Protect Bundle


  • Coaching from the Passenger Seat Course​
  • Danger Zone Training Course
  • 1 Year Roadside Assistance* ($99 value, only available in bundle)
  • *some terms and conditions apply

Parents, Instructors + Students Working Together


[These resources] are great for developing a parent-instructor-student working relationship.  We've always tried to stress how important it is that we all work together to put the safest teen driver possible on the road.  I've told many a parent you don't invest 16 years into your child to have it wiped out by a wrong decision your teen made behind the wheel.  You need to work with them before, during and after the licensing process.  Mike reinforces and validates what I have been saying for 37 years.
Mary M, Veteran
Driving Educator

We love parents who care

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