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The Coaching New Drivers program is an innovative learning system designed to target the top causes of novice driver collisions. As a supplement to your formal driver education, these online resources will help parents and new drivers prepare better before, during and after you see them as their instructor.

Benefits of Joining the Parent Care Team

Expand your company without overhead or upfront expense. 

Reach potential clients earlier in their driver education journey. 

Earn additional revenues and create a recurring revenue stream for your business.

Better prepare your students for driving on their own. 

How the Affiliate Program Works


Apply to become an affiliate.


Tell us how you plan to promote the program.


Add creatives and links to your websites, emails and social media accounts.


Get paid when someone clicks on your affiliate link or creative and makes a purchase.

Commission Structure

  • You get paid when a visitor clicks on your affiliate link or creative and makes a purchase on a course or bundle. A commission of 25% will be rewarded on one time purchases.
  • You also get paid when a purchaser renews a roadside assistance package. You will earn $10 on annual renewals or $1/month on monthly renewals of roadside assistance membership.

*subject to acceptance of program terms and conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our Affiliate program pays YOU for qualified sales.

Once you have registered and are approved as an affiliate partner you will be provided with a secure login to your affiliate area to view all activity on a personalized dashboard. 

Within the affiliate area you will be able to access information on a number of clicks, completed sales and revenue generated.

Once approved you may choose to receive commission fees through PayPal, ACH, or check, subject to certain terms and conditions.   

No, there are no limits on the amount of revenue you can earn as an affiliate partner. 

There are restrictions on some methods of promotion and marketing which can be reviewed in the affiliate agreement you will receive once approved. 

You will be provided with numerous creatives in your Affiliate Area including, but not limited to, website banner ads, social media ads and content and templates for blog posts.

Approved links and creative materials will be provided within your affiliate log in area. Outside of those resources, you cannot use promo codes, or incentivize referrals without express written consent from ProDriverHR. Please review our terms and conditions to ensure your promotional activity fully complies with our requirements.

If you would like to add these courses to your driver education packages, contact us for wholesale pricing.

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