The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), an organization representing state highway safety offices, cited parental involvement as the most important factor in keeping young drivers safe on the road: “While developmental and behavior issues coupled with inexperience impact teen crash risk, parents play a critical role in helping teens survive their most dangerous driving years.”

Course Intro

Driver Inexperience is the Number 1 cause of collisions in novice drivers, Coaching from the Passenger Seat has been developed to help you systematically work through the supervised driving practice your new driver will need to succeed!

What to Expect

Coaching from the Passenger Seat is a 12-step online course that has been designed to help parent’s effectively supervise new drivers during the learner’s permit phase of their driving education.

Veteran crash investigator and driving educator Mike Pehl presents the steps he has developed over 30 years of experience in an engaging and straight-forward manner. It is highly recommended that you go through the course with your new driver so that you work through the different phases of “practice” together.

The following lessons are presented in this course:


The Ground Rules

Learn how your family should decide who handles behind-the-wheel practice, which vocabulary works best for giving instructions during practice driving, and how to keep your time in the car as stress-free as possible


The Safety Checklist

Good habits can protect us for a lifetime. This lesson looks at four important items that new drivers should do each and every time they get into their car to drive. (Adults may learn some important tips here too!)


First Time in Gear

Here it is, one of the most stressful moments in most parenting careers. Learn how to safely and effectively instruct your teen their first time behind the wheel.


Fine Tune the Basics

Now that you have let them take the wheel for the first time, advance your teen’s skills with customized training methods to improve targeting and turning. Some things like hand positioning have changed since we were a new driver, Mike will keep us up-to-date.


The First Road Trip

So you thought the first time in gear was stressful, here comes the real test, you are going out on an actual road with real traffic! Mike works through a progression of driving to help ease the stress, make your teen confident and help with prolonging gray hair development.


Head out on the Freeway

Learning to merge with traffic on a highway ramp is intimidating for young drivers and their coaches but this is a skill that will be needed by all drivers. Use these best-practice techniques to make the process safe, easy and effective.


Master the Country Roads

Mike calls these the “killer roads for young people”. He explains the conditions that make country roads especially hazardous, and how your training can protect them against common mistakes that can be deadly.


Keep it Moving

Not all driving practice is created equal! Don’t waste your time with meaningless practice. Learn how to teach them to handle the challenges of bad weather conditions and technology. Mike will also walk through a sobering explanation of insurance liability in this lesson.


Parallel Parking and 90 Degree Backup

This compelling lesson draws on Mike’s career experience as a crash investigator to teach you how defensive driving attitude and actions can minimize the risk of four major categories of collisions.


Defensive Driving

This compelling lesson draws on Mike’s career experience as a crash investigator to teach you how defensive driving attitude and actions can minimize the risk of four major categories of collisions.


License Day

Just because your son or daughter has a birthday, it does not guarantee they are ready to get their license. Mike shares a simple, clear way to handle this decision with your teen, in a way that reduces conflict and will provide you with peace of mind.


Start Early and Never Stop

Mike shares astonishing facts about crash rates of teens and adult drivers, observations about common knowledge gaps for adolescents and great ways to prepare and empower younger children to drive safe and ride safe!

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