Hi, my name is Mike Pehl

When I was a kid in high school, one of my good friends was in a terrible, unnecessary car crash. That “accident” left him paralyzed for life. Seeing my friend’s life changed forever…changed my life forever!

Driving safely was something I took seriously after that. It wasn’t fun and games. I knew it was life and death.

After high school, I started my career as an insurance agent. That meant having conversations with clients who were shocked at the jump in insurance rates when their teens became licensed and started to drive. All I could do was show them the statistical data to explain why it cost so much to insure their teenage drivers.

But those crash rates really bothered me! I knew the statistics weren’t just numbers; they were real people just like my paralyzed friend. I could not understand why teenagers couldn’t learn to drive better?

I cared so much about this question that I did my own “field research”. I rode along with local driving teachers to understand how behind-the-wheel lessons were being taught…even though I had no intention of ever becoming an instructor myself. Then I became an accident investigator.

On-the-scene crash analysis made me even more passionate about the need to drive safely. I started to see that there were too many collisions that should not have happened, that would not have happened if the drivers had been prepared to make better defensive driving decisions. I talked non-stop about this with everyone I knew and those conversations once again changed my career path.

A neighbor asked me to teach her son to drive. I said that I wasn’t a driving instructor, but she was determined. (Never underestimate the power of a mom who cares about her kid!) Eventually I told this mom that if she could round up a few more teenagers, I would teach them what I knew. When I did start teaching those teens, I realized this was my true calling and I’ve spent over two decades since doing everything I can to help teenagers learn to drive skillfully and safely.

Please make it a priority to help your own children learn to drive!

Our dedicated team has worked hard to develop a program to best share the information I know can help your new driver. I personally hope that it will help your family…while your children are learning to drive…and someday when they have teen drivers of their own.



Mike Pehl

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