Danger Zone

Danger Zone Training is one of the first courses to be incorporated into a new drivers education AFTER they receive their license and are driving on their own. Statistics show that nationwide, each year, 42% of new drivers will be involved in a collision in their first year behind the wheel and 37% in their second year.

Course Intro

Statistically, the first six months that a new driver is on their own holds the most risk of a collision in their driving career. Traditionally, as parents we have handed over the keys and crossed our fingers but we want to change that. Gain some control back with Danger Zone Training, one of the first post-license continuing education programs for novice drivers. By introducing “bite-sized chunks” of information at regular intervals, retention of important defensive driving messages learned pre-license can be greatly increased, while the probability of collisions are greatly decreased.

8 Danger Zones

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc.gov) have identified the following 8 Danger Zones as the leading causes contributing to novice driver collisions:

1. Driver Inexperience

2. Distracted Driving

3. Drowsy Driving

4. Speeding

5. Impaired Driving

6. Driving at Night

7. Driving with Other Teens

8. Improper Use of Seat Belts and Airbags

What to Expect

After your new driver receives their license, they will receive a short online lesson from veteran crash investigator and driving educator Mike Pehl every two weeks. The first lesson they will receive will deal with one of the top Danger Zones associated with novice driver collisions and alternate every two weeks with an innovative lesson which uses a real-life situation caught on a dash cam to instruct the new driver on how to avoid this situation in their own driving. These lessons were designed to keep your new driver engaged with cool video, stories and demonstrations!

The following lessons make up this online course:

1. Seat Belts and Airbags (Danger Zone Lesson)

2. Intersections (Dash Cam Lesson)

3. Impaired/Distracted Driving (Danger Zone Lesson)

4. Emergency Vehicles (Dash Cam Lesson)

5. Common Crashes (Danger Zone Lesson)

6. Gap Control (Dash Cam Lesson)

7. Drowsy/Night Driving (Danger Zone Lesson)

8. Dealing with Wildlife (Dash Cam Lesson)

9. Driving with Other Teens (Danger Zone Lesson)

10. Adverse Weather (Dash Cam Lesson)

11. Aggressive Driving (Danger Zone Lesson)

12. Lane Changes (Dash Cam Lesson)

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